Essay about The Major Obstacle For The American Food Industry

Essay about The Major Obstacle For The American Food Industry

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The major obstacle for the American Food industry in its attempts to grow is the “fixed stomach” of every person. While most goods, such as clothes or toys, do not have limits in which they can be sold, food can only be consumed so much, making the growth of the food industry difficult. As food is a necessity, there has been no problem with sustaining the food industry, but corporations are greedy and everything must continue to grow and make more money or else it is not a worthy investment. Companies have combatted this “fixed stomach” issue with two methods, the first being to market foods in such a way that consumers are more willing to spend more money on the same amount of food or less, and the second method is to reduce the amount that a food makes one feel full in order to encourage people to eat well beyond what they need. Essentially, companies want to either increase demand, or increase the profit from the same supply. These goals have resulted in foods becoming more processed, which takes money away from the farmer and gives it to the large corporations. The American people should be concerned with how these companies are using food to manipulate them, and they may also have reservations about the quality of nutrition that these processed foods offer. Food may become less fulfilling, less healthy, and even more expensive. All of this just to benefit the processor, at the cost of the wallets and stomachs of the American people.
The most popular “high-value-added product” that I could think of is French-fries. Here we have a cheap bulk commodity (Potatoes), we fry it in a cheap and usually unhealthy oil such as vegetable oil, and we get a food that is plentiful, hardly fulfilling, very addicting, and is priced well ...

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...akes, and I have vegetables whenever I can. Unfortunately, the effects of a mother who doesn’t cook are long-lasting. I have been completely uncultured in regards to cooking, and the simple things that I can cook are too time-consuming with ingredients that perish over time. Because of this, I am resorting to eating out for almost every lunch and dinner. I let it fly by convincing myself it can’t be too bad since I routinely avoid the “junkier” of junk foods such as McDonalds, Taco Bell, Del Taco, Jack in the Box, Carl’s Jr, Burger King, etc. I’ve convinced myself that the quality of food at say a Jersey Mikes or a Waba Grill is significantly better than any of the places on that list. Things end up costing a lot of money but the convenience, taste, and pseudo-nutrition is worth it, though I wish I knew how to cook more and could implement it into my life with ease.

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