Major Approaches to Clinical Psychology Essay

Major Approaches to Clinical Psychology Essay

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Major approaches to Clinical Psychology
There are 4 approaches to the field of clinical psychology; they are in psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, humanistic, and family systems. In the field of clinical psychology, applying these four major approaches contributes to the efficiency in treatment by classifying the goals of each approach. In this paper, the approaches, goals, techniques, and the overall approaches used will be broken down and described.
Psychodynamic Approach
Philosophical Origins
The psychodynamic approach was founded by Sigmund Freud; the goal to this approach is to trail behavior to its source(s) unlike the systematic approach, self-awareness and understanding of the influence of the past on present behavior. Freudian, self-psychology, object relations, and ego psychology (Compas & Gotlib, 2002). Each one of the approaches have its own end game and for every end game, there must be a goal.
The psychodynamic approach goal is to create self-awareness and an in-depth understanding of the effect of past behavior on current behavioral traits. This approach facilitates the individuals’ perception of their outcome of unresolved, underlining issues. This approach is aimed at making the patient understand that some symptoms are the result of past dysfunctional relationships including involvement in the abuse of substances (Compas & Gotlib, 2002).
Techniques and Strategies
There are a few techniques used in the psychodynamic approach that include free association and transference. Free association is a tool that a patient relays whatever thoughts cross his or her mind during therapy (Compas & Gotlib, 2002). Free association is not preplanned and the outcome of the conversation is non-deterministic. Transference in...

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