Main Objectives Of Deep Engagement Essay

Main Objectives Of Deep Engagement Essay

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As uncertainty sweeps across the globe in response to the result of the presidential election, some argue that now would be the time to reassert American activism in global security and maintain the liberal economic order through methods know to flourish, rather than risk potential disaster in an increasingly dynamic system in which the relative power of the U.S. hegemony is gradually declining (Layne 123). This tried-and-true strategy of deep engagement originated in response to the humanitarian atrocities committed during World War II, in which all assumptions of U.S. security were overthrown in order to pursue an interventionist foreign policy that stimulated a comprehensive reassessment of American interests and international strategy (Kagan para. 17). This strategy developed into a “constant and pervasive forward involvement in the affairs of the world” characterized by a “system of alliances, forward deployments, and an onshore presence” still embodied within American politics today (Kagan para. 28; Brands and Feaver 164).
The key objectives of deep engagement concern the promotion of American interests in the international system through the maintenance of a prosperous world economy, a reduction in the risk of violent conflicts and emerging rivals, the propagation of democratic and human rights’ reforms, and the elimination of terrorism and nuclear proliferation on a global level. Interventionist policy achieves these aims by deterring states with expansionist aspirations from attempting regional hegemony and preventing insecure states from lapsing into security dilemmas and arms races, thereby creating an environment conducive to economic cooperation, democracy, human rights advocacy, and the termi...

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...ction, with no prior knowledge of how my expectations would measure up to the reality, I expect that my body will be satisfied by the nutrients the bacon cheeseburger claims to provide. However, when the long-awaited bacon cheeseburger arrives, beneath the bun lay two scrawny, near-transparent wisps of bacon crisscrossing the melted cheese. My expectations of a satisfying order are shattered by the truths of reality, just as my initial expectations for the strategy of offshore balancing seemed to be easily refuted by the competition. Just as maintaining the status quo, or enjoying a favorite meal, can represent a more favorable choice than one laden with claims too good to be true, I realized the importance of gathering information from a wide variety of scholarly sources that can accurately determine whether an argument truly has any substantial meat to its claims.

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