Mahatma Ghandi Influenced Martin Luther King, Jr. Essay

Mahatma Ghandi Influenced Martin Luther King, Jr. Essay

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The example of one can have effect on millions. Many times mankind’s leaders have physically strong characteristics. From the bulging muscles to the long dark hair. Their philosophies focus on war and violence. However, “An eye for an eye will only make the world go blind”(Gandhi). Gandhi was a very small and frail man, but his philosophies had a major affect on citizens and leaders. The philosophies and life of Mahatma Gandhi affected the leadership and life of Martin Luther King, Jr.
Searching for “Truth” is being able to realize who we are and what are “destiny” is(McLeod, Saul). However, there are always obstacles in the way. Most generally truth is found based on the environment and in our DNA. B.F. Skinner taught that the people we are is based on our environment. We react to reinforcement. For instance, if we were raised in an environment that rewarded us for certain behaviors we are more likely to do the behaviors that rewarded us in a positive way (McLeod, Saul). What if those behaviors influenced us in a negative way as a society? It doesn’t seem psychological for an individual to stand up for what he believes in because he hasn’t seen the truth in his own life. However, the human mind is very complex. It notices not only the truth in our own lives but in the lives around us. Gandhi was one of those truth seekers. He noticed a problem and decided to act. However, his actions would change the typical solution of most leaders.
Mahatma Gandhi
Mahatma Gandhi was great among philosophers yet, small among society. “Gandhi was born 2 October 1869, in Porbandar, in the western part of India, to Karamchand Gandhi, chief minister of Porbandar, and his wife Putlibai, a devout Hindu (Stanford).” When Gandhi turned eig...

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...ahatma Gandhi the King might have not been able to solve racial segregation with peace. In conclusion, the philosophies and life of Mahatma Gandhi affected the leadership and life of Martin Luther King Jr.

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