An Essay About Martin Luther King

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There are people who look up to someone for what they accomplished or attempted to accomplish in life. Everyone has to know of a person who they admire for their dedication to something. An inspiring person is someone who does something that a person likes to know they did and would like to know more about that one person. They would want to follow their similar steps to achieve some of their own goals. My inspiration is Martin Luther King that accomplished to do a lot of his community. He was a person that spent his years fighting for equal rights of his people. He had an ability to speak up for what right and did not give up easily. No one else had so much voice like King to convince a number of people to march alongside him even though they were at risk for getting seriously injured (Wilmonth p.336.).Although most readers of law had argued that it is unfair for discrimination to continue and there should be something done about it, examination shows that Martin Luther King Jr. uses his eloquent words and his power of persuasion to prove to people no longer have to deal with the injustice in this environment. Martin Luther King Jr. is a result of the combination of bravery, motivator, and selflessness. With King’s bravery, he was the man that was known for change in our society. With King’s powerful words he changed the lives of people. His method was that he used non-violence to complete his mission for social reform after being introduced to the nonviolent philosophy while he was in graduate school.(Overview). He was part of the civil rights campaign that later became a militant mass movement. (Martin Luther King Jr.) He as a spokesperson is a motivator. He told his followers, “Love your enemies; bless them that curse you… Rem... ... middle of paper ... ...power of persuasion to prove to people no longer have to deal with the injustice in this environment. Martin Luther King, Jr. has the combination of bravery, motivator, and selflessness to make him an inspiring person. King fought for equal rights for his people and did not do it alone. With the help, he not only succeeded in receiving the rights for his people, but created a little more peace in the world. He made it possible so that people did not judge others just because of the color of their skin. With Gandhi in his mind to use nonviolence as a strategy throughout his marches and speeches, he did something that inspired people to follow. Violence does not answer problems but cause even more problems. I value what King did as a person and should be remembered for what he impacted our lives. He made history and will be with us for many generations ahead.
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