Lynching : A Serious Case

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Lynching has been a serious case in the history of America. What does lynching mean? Lynching means an illegal execution of someone who is accused by a jury. Dating back to the early 1600s, lynching cases were rapidly spreading and can be traced throughout the years. John Billington was one of the first victims of lynching. Billington was lynched in the year 1630 when the pilgrims he was with at Plymouth Rock accused him of “blasphemous harangues.” As years went on lynching became a punishment towards people of a different race and ethnicity. During the 19th century racial tension was on the rise throughout America, especially in the southern parts. Between the years 1882 and 1968 there has been a total of 4,743 lynching, 3,446 of them were blacks. This research project is to show readers how lynching went from a punishment for settlers accused of witchcraft and rape to increasing racial tension and hate crimes in America. After the lynching case in 1630 there has been one documented in the year 1642. The victim of this lynching case was a Native American man whose name was not classified. This Native American did nothing wrong his tribe lived next to a Dutch settlement in peace. One day when everyone in the tribe was sleeping they were attacked and murdered by Dutch settlers using bayonets. Later the next day Dutch settlers found this 25 year old Native American holding his hacked off hand and legs to prevent the tremendous loss of blood. Shortly after the discovery of the Native American he was lynched. Dutch artists portrayed Native Americans as hostile people who were always killing Dutch settlers. However, the tribe this Native American belonged to was a friendly tribe that did not harm any of the Dutch settlers that lived ... ... middle of paper ... ... south you go the more frequent lynchings happen toward black people. It is truly amazing to see a justice system use a punishment for something as extreme as rape and watch it turn into something used for hate crimes. Coming from someone who is a fan of racial tension in history, and learning more about it, I found it fascinating to learn about what lynching was originally used for. Throughout American history people made it sound like lynching was a form of hate crime towards blacks. The first case of someone being lynched was a white English settler who was accused of murder. Obviously there is a difference between how lynching was being used back in the 17th century compared to how it was used in the 19th century. Over the years lynching was being used for other things other than judicial purposes and because of that racial tension was on the rise in America.
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