Essay on Lowering the Drinking Age Would Reduce Tragedies and Secrets

Essay on Lowering the Drinking Age Would Reduce Tragedies and Secrets

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Persuasive Speech Outline
I. Introduction
A. Attention Getter: Gordy Bailey, was an 18 year old freshman at the University of Colorado at Boulder, after being at the university for only one month he joined a fraternity and had to undergo initiation where he had to drink 10 gallons on alcohol in 30 minutes. After going through this Bailey was incapacitated and was left alone to die on a sofa at the Frat house because nobody called for help. The members of the Fraternity ceased to call for help because what they were doing was illegal and being done in secret. They were against their policy having alcohol in their frat house and were having these minors serve each other alcohol.
B. Audience Relevance: We are all adults already and we are given all the responsibilities of an adult and we are more than privileged to know what rights are being given to us and which are not.
C. Credibility: I am 19 years old and began doing extensive research on the rights I possess as an adult and which I don’t and I am more than capable of discussing that of the legal drinking age.
D. Thesis: Opening our minds to the lowering of the drinking age can ultimately reduce the tragedies and secrets that are kept because of this law and allow us to remove the burden the alcohol abuse causes on society.
E. Preview: First I will speak about the responsibilities that come with adulthood and how we are not given that privilege of consuming alcohol when we are under 21, second I will discuss how dangerous drinking could be when it is done in secret, especially, by minors and lastly I will discuss the ideas that I believe should be in place instead of the 21 year drinking age and why the 18 year old drinking age would work.
II. Main Point #1: As an 18 y...

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...and work to better inform the people of the consequences this 21 year old drinking age has on society. And now I hope you are just as informed and are able to open your mind to the unjust nature of this law.
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