Love In Poems Brings Great Emotions Essay

Love In Poems Brings Great Emotions Essay

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When one thinks of poetry, love is something that will definitely appear in the process. Love in poems can bring a sense of great joy or can be the cause of sorrow and pain. It’s something that has been here for eternity and will continue to affect people and poems. Especially in early modern poetry, love was expressed in various ways and brought different and unique features to the poems. Many poems would use the very familiar, romantic love, which is quite intense with feeling and emotions and can be portrayed in many ways. There is also tragic love, where it causes pain as a result of the love created, and mystifying love is a type that comes from something bigger than one’s self.
Romantic love has been used by authors everywhere and is a powerful type of love that flows with passion and can transform and control people. It is so extreme that it can even enslave the best of people and cause them to lose their will and strength to withstand it. Once love has started to grow within, it can overcome all your feelings and change the person you are. Lady mary wroth would agree when she wrote, “ Am I thus conquer’d? have I lost the powers, That to withstand which joyes to ruin me? Must I bee still, while it my strength devours, and captive leads me prisoner bound, unfree?” In this part of her poem she questions if she can overcome love, but knows that it has full control over her now. Even though she tries to get away from its inescapable grasp on one’s soul, she realizes that she is under it’s power and has lost her freedom. The story is a great example of how in life, love will do this to a person and shows the feelings that one will most likely feel. It’s as if love controls you with a powerful spell and you must do whatever it...

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... and it shows how he feels that we are all unified. We are not alone and no one can stand alone in humanity, henceforth the title No Man Is An Island. The poem shows a love that is immense and reaches out to all the people of the world and connects us through love. Love from above would be another example, which brings us together through love of God, and gives us joy, hope and comfort. In Amazing Grace it wrote, “Twas grace that taught my heart to fear, And grace my fears relieved; How precious did that grace appear The hour I first believed!” The poem displays how the love of God was poured down upon the people and gave them a kind of comfort from their fear. It is a very perplexing love that it hard to understand and comes the faith and belief one has. The poem expresses great gratitude to God for saving them and now the love has allowed their hearts to open up.

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