The Lost Art of Face-to-Face Communication Essay

The Lost Art of Face-to-Face Communication Essay

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Sending out a text to a next door neighbor asking if they have milk, instead of walking over and asking them face-to-face is a great example of society and communication today. The lack of interaction between one another can easily be connected with social networks. Many individuals say that “times have changed and so has technology” when in fact this is true, this does not mean someone ought to discard of the old-fashioned ways away from their lives. The evolution of technology has changed the way we communicate. The advancement of the cell phone has caused social networks to become utilized more than at home or on the computer. Social networking has risen and caused specifically the younger generation to withdraw from verbal social communication, thus becoming anti-social and awkward.
Communication is a necessity all human beings need to commune with one another. Over the last decade or so it has become a lost art with the advancement of technology, mostly in the cell phone. Although technology is an exceptionally important part of life, perhaps there could be a misinterpretation or misuse on when and how to use this technology. There is now rarely any utilization of handwritten letters or phone calls. Some perfect examples can be in each and every individual's personal life experiences. What was once a handwritten letter that took a couple of days to reach its destination can now be as simple as a Facebook message that is sent to the recipient once the send button is pressed. When someone writes a letter it shows that the person who wrote the letter sat down and took the time out of their day to write that letter. A letter has an emotional connection with both the receiver and sender because there is a personal grat...

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...f them. Face-to-face communication in the time to come will continue to decrease, just as long as technology continues to advance.
As technology continues to make progress, so do different ways of communicating through phone and computer. Humanity thrives on the use of social networking in everyday life making a person feel joyful when using them. However, the common everyday usage of social networks in cell phones has affected the youth in ways that are being noticed by the older generation. The youth of this generation make it seem nearly impossible to drop their phone just to shake someone’s hand. Social networking has caused the younger generation to become anti-social and awkward. Society cannot deny that the world of communication is changing, but there will never be a more efficient way to communicate than by face-to-face interaction with one another.

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