The Loss of My Uncle Essay examples

The Loss of My Uncle Essay examples

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February twenty-third 2010 was just a regular ordinary day. I was on my way to class on this cold February afternoon, when my phone rung. It was my cousin on the other end telling me to call my mom. I could not figure out what was wrong, so I quickly said okay and I hung up and called my mom. When my mom answered the phone I told her the message but I said I do not know what is wrong. My mom was at work and could not call right away, so I took the effort to call my cousin back to see what was going on. She told me that our uncle was in the hospital and that it did not look good. Starting to tear up I pull over in a fast food restaurant parking lot to listen to more to what my cousin had to say. She then tells me to tell my mom to get to the hospital as quickly as possible as if it may be the last time to see her older brother. My mom finally calls me back and when I tell her the news, she quickly leaves work. That after-noon I lost my Uncle.
Dealing with the grief of a loved one is not an easy task. Only time can heal the pain of someone you’re used to be around is suddenly gone. When my uncle passed it was the first experience with death in which I was old enough to understand. Nobody really close to my family had passed away before, so I was unprepared with the pain and sadness that came with it. I also thought about it but I never really thought of something like this happening to me. I wish I had spent more time with my uncle, but I never thought about it because I never thought he would passing away so quickly. This is always why it is good for every day to show your family how much you love and appreciate them because you never know when their last day on earth is.
When a loved one passes away it is not an easy subject...

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... members I found a way out of the sadness and focused on the happiness of how my uncle did not have to suffer anymore and that he was finally pain free from everything. My uncle was a very loving man and although he did not have much, he always found a way to give everyone a gift on their birthday and Christmas. Although he will be missed greatly I know he is always with me and my family in everywhere we go and in everything we do. I know thinking about death is a scary thing, but the truth is that it happens every day of our lives. The only thing that matters is how you choose to spend the time while you still have it. You should never let a minute go to waste because tomorrow is never promised and you want to cherish every moment while you have it. I will never forget my uncle and all he stood for he was a great loving man who will always be missed greatly.

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