Loss of Credibility: Downfall of Baseball Player Sammy Sosa Essay

Loss of Credibility: Downfall of Baseball Player Sammy Sosa Essay

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Credibility is a big topic when it comes to celebrities. Whether they are athletic or movie stars every one has there dignity, their pride and logo. There are always celebrities that get their credibility by cheating, and once one important celebrity, in this case an athlete, it does not only look bad on themselves but all the entire organization as a whole. Once they do cheat it can change the game forever.
Sammy Sosa was born on November 12, 1968 in San Pedro de Macoris, Dominican Republic. Growing up he had a rough childhood. His father Bautista Sosa, died when Sammy was only seven (“Sammy Sosa Biography”). He provided for his mother and six siblings by selling oranges, and shining shoes. Sammy started to play baseball when he was fourteen, but instead of a bat he used a tree branch, instead of a glove he used an old milk carton, and for a ball he used rolled up socks. Sammy was a natural and at age fifteen, the Philadelphia Philles tried to “sign him” but couldn’t because of his age. Then a year later a scout from the Texas Rangers gave him his first major league contract in 1985 ; however this contract did not last very long, and in 1989 he signed with the White Sox, but did not get out of the minor league program. Sosa was traded again in 1992 to the Chicago Cubs as a starter. Sammy Sosa led the Cubs for three straight years in home runs and stolen bases. He was hitting around 30-40 home runs every season; Until his break out year when he hit sixty six “homers”, just four behind Mark McGwire’s record set, that same year at seventy home runs. Both Sosa, and McGwire won the “Sportsman of the Year” award. Season after season Sosa continued to be a home run hitter, and he is the only player to hit sixty or more home runs in thre...

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...ting. In conclusion Sammy Sosa did lose lots of credibility, and no one will look at him or baseball the same way again.

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