Looking At Statistics And Signing A Player Essay

Looking At Statistics And Signing A Player Essay

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Imagine a time when the person running a Major League Baseball franchise would want top notch players that would help his or her team win a championship. Well that was not that long ago. Now, owners are luring the players whose analytics are very good, not star players who are going to getting a huge pay day. There is good proof to why I changed my opinion and why I now agree with the author 's point of view of analytics and looking more in depth and towards data is more important than the old way of looking at statistics and signing a player.
Uniquely, former players in the MLB who want to stay in the same tend to land jobs as either coaches or managers but former star, Dave Stewart had become a General Manager of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Stewart is a fan of how teams used to look at players and try to acquire them, not use analytics to make a judgement on a player. “Stewart suggested that free agents might prefer to sign with Arizona, because they would see it as a true baseball team versus some of the other teams out here that are geared more toward analytics and those type of things” (Leonhardt). Even though he played back when it was regular to think that every team would look at players all the same way, he needs to update his mindset to what the new trend is. This, for example, showed just how life is and if there is a new successful trend to do something then you should go that way instead of the old fashioned way. He mistakenly did not get the memo and it ultimately cost him his job because he was still doing things the way they were when he was still playing and was not open to change. He learned his lesson the hard way and will need to change the way he thinks about baseball if he ev...

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...einberg). There is so much analytics being used that players and fans have to get used to it and learn it to see who is actually a good player and someone who can produce and help win. Leonhardt quoted David Maraniss: “My problem with the philosophy is a question of art and beauty”
For all the reasons listed above is why my opinion changed on analytics used in baseball and I cannot go against the author 's point of how analytics and good for baseball and should go away with how baseball used to be looked at stats wise. His reasoning is good and shows that analytics are good to the game and how it is going to get full of teams looking at data rather than the old fashioned stats. Winning a championship is at the top of every team 's goal list and the Cubs and Indians were just in the World Series at the same time so that should say something about using analytics.

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