Loneliness And The Prevalence By Frost And Dickinson Essay

Loneliness And The Prevalence By Frost And Dickinson Essay

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Poetry is an aesthetic form of literature that enriches and enhances the meaning of writing. In poetry, there is often analytical discussion about what the author’s meaning and purpose for his or her writing. To fully understand the text, it is often helpful to read another poem of a similar theme. This is can be seen when reading Robert Frost 's "Desert Places" (759) and Emily Dickinson 's "I felt a Funeral, in my Brain" (726) together. The two poems use setting to define the theme of isolation but differ in the type of isolation featured. When read together, they present a deeper understanding of the theme of isolation and the prevalence.
Both poems by Frost and Dickinson use setting to define the theme of isolation. Since both poems present the narrators as being isolated, each narrator has similar effects of lonely emotion from their settings. In Frost’s poem, the narrator’s setting is described in detail to portray him being physically isolated, while in Dickinson 's poem emotional isolation is represented throughout the way that the narrator is attending her own funeral. The isolation causes the narrator in each poem to respond with lonely thoughts. In Frost 's poem after he describes how "all animals" (6) are hibernating. His narrator expresses how he or she is feeling the effects of the physical isolation as it states that "The loneliness includes me unawares." (8). Similarly, in Dickinson 's poem after the funeral service has begun, the narrator states that "And I, and Silence, some strange Race" (15). Dickinson has the narrator group "Silence" (15) with his or herself to be separated from other people in the poem, thus causing emotional isolation as a result of the narrator secluding his or herself. Therefore, both narr...

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...mples a physical isolation because even his narrator wanted to interact with someone there is an absence of people. Since each poem helps to bring out the specific type of isolation in the other poem, the reader can better understand how isolation can be caused by surrounding aspects or due to one 's own choices to be secluded from other surrounding people.
In conclusion, Robert Frost’s "Desert Places" (Frost 759) and Emily Dickinson’s "I felt a Funeral, in my Brain" (Dickinson 726) are similar in the way that they both use setting to define the theme of isolation. Even though they share a similar theme, they differ in the types of isolation. While Frost 's poem portrays a physical isolation and Dickinson 's poem portrays an emotional isolation, they can both relate to one another to provide a deeper understanding as to the poetic theme of isolation to the reader.

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