Audens Poems on The Process of Mourning

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The process of mourning will be different for ever individual, the emotions that are felt during this time can range from hate to love. W.H. Auden’s “Funeral Blues” describes the day of someone who is mourning a loved one and experiences feelings such as denial and depression. Emily Dickinson’s “Because I could Not Stop for Death” on the other hand describes the events someone feels as they being to accept death. There are many similarities between these pieces of writings such as the poet’s use of metaphors, imagery, tone and structure. Although these two poems express death in opposite ways they have a common theme which states that death is a part of life. Both of these poems express the different ways that people deal with death; Auden’s poem depicts dark emotions while Dickinson’s tone suggests understanding and acceptance of death. The use of metaphors is present throughout each of these poems. In “Funeral Blues” Auden uses metaphors to allow the readers to understand the speaker’s pain. In the first stanza the speaker starts off by giving out demands such as “stop all the clocks and cut off the telephone” (1) this can be a metaphor for the speaker’s desire for silence and isolation. And again in the second and third line of the same stanza the speaker says that she doesn’t want to be hear the barking of dogs or the playing of piano, anything that might disrupt her thoughts she wants silenced (2-3). Dickinson also uses metaphors throughout her poem, the main one being death, she writes as if death is a man. In the first line she state “Because I could not stop for death, He kindly stopped for me” (1-2) meaning she has decided to meet with him. In the second stanza she writes “We slowly drove—He knew no haste” (5) from this ... ... middle of paper ... ...ur lines each. Each line ends with a vertical line that marks the feet. The rhyme isn't but there is rhyme in this poem like "Me" rhymes with "Immortality" and, farther down the poem, with "Civility" and "Eternity." This poem repeated the phrase, "We passed," which is changed a bit in the fifth stanza to, "We paused." This repetition of a word or phrase throughout a poem is called anaphora. The use of these poetic elements allows the words to flow as they describe an event. In conclusion I found that both of these poems use similar poetic elements in order to depict different feeling and attitudes towards death. Auden use of metaphors shows the pain and emotional sadness that one might feel after losing a loved one and Dickinson uses metaphors to describe death as a gentleman, and show how one might learn to accept this even that will eventually happen to us all.
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