Essay on Livestock: Horses Should not be Slaughtered in the United States

Essay on Livestock: Horses Should not be Slaughtered in the United States

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This destroyed the image set by Americans, a great strong champion reduced to a pile of steaks, or put into dog food. Where is freedom and liberty in that? But, though they excel at it, horses are not just made to run, some horses are used as guides for the blind. Horses contribute so much to society and all that potential is wasted in each horse sent to slaughter. Another cultural reference is the mustang, a strong free animal that roams the range. Mustangs were formerly protected from slaughter until recently in 2005 when a bill killed a 1971 law that prevented feral horses from being sold to slaughterhouses. Now any horse older than ten years old, or any young horse that has not been to three auctions and been sold is to be sent to slaughter. These horses have bloodlines of nearly pure Spanish stock and are an essential part of America’s living history. Congress needs to understand that the American’s perspective of a horse has shifted from being livestock to being a companion animal. For example, in a US survey by the Huffington Post, only thirteen percent of Americans sa...

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