Animal Cruelty: Factory Farms Should Be Banned

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Just picture cows, calves, pigs, chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese cramped into spaces where they can’t even move or lie down, and are filthy. There are no windows, so the animals won't get fresh air or sunlight until the day they go to the slaughter house. However, when they are loaded up on the trucks they are packed in really tight and won't get any food or water, so most of them will not survive the journey. Factory farms believe that by cramming animals together they will make more money that way, even though most of the animals get sick and die (“Factory Farming” 1). Factory farms should be banned to keep the United States healthy and animals safe. In order to better understand factory farms, we need to learn what factory farms are, why they are unhealthy,and why they use hormones and antibiotics. Then, we also need to learn if animals have rights, how animals are treated at the farms, and how factory farms affect the environment. Many people don't know what factory farms are. However factory farms are a huge industry that raises a large amount of animals for food. About a half of farming animals in the United States are raised in factory farms (“Farm Animal Cruelty” 1). There are a lot of health problems that happen with the animals, and it all starts with the animals being stressed. Very over crowded plus the barns are not maintained which can lead to a breeding ground for salmonella and E coli and more . All of them can be passed to human through eggs,dairy and meat. To stop this factory farms give them large doses of antibiotics but the bacteria is constantly adapting and evolving. with how much antibiotics that can create a dangerous new drug that can be pass along people.("Farm Sanctuary"1) ‘("Farm Animal Cruel... ... middle of paper ... ...o the water that is making high levels of phosphorus and generate that is polluting that not just the air. Buting the water into the groundwater that some people drinks and other farms do use that water too.They fossil fuels they are using to grow feed that makes Co2 worldwide each year. What they are doing is not just affecting the animals its affecting the world. ("Farm Animal Cruelty." 1) In conclusion Factory farms keeps their animals in small cages and used for money. The animals are getting sick and dying because of poor the condition. They need to be given more space and be given they love and care they need. The environment is also in poor condition because they don't really care just like their animals. But just like their animals the environment needs love and care too. Thats why all factory farms should be banned from the United states.

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