Literary Techniques That Describe Feminine Strength Essay examples

Literary Techniques That Describe Feminine Strength Essay examples

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Several people regard women as inferior figures in this global world. Women have challenged the traditional female roles and have gradually climbed up the ladder of equality. They portray a distinct perspective that proves that womanhood can accomplish anything they set their mind to and search for equal gender status. The poems celebrate femininity and highlights the traits necessary for a women to be successful. The ladies in the poems are female-figures that carry themselves with high self-esteem and fearlessness. This essay identifies various literary techniques that describe feminine strength in Angelou and Clifton.
Maya Angelou conveys a spirit of self-esteem through her images of acceptance. She embraces who she is and revels in her imperfect form. She calls attention to the fact that she breaks from the norm. Angelou (2014) stated “I 'm not cute or built to suit a fashion model 's size”. She criticizes the biased societal expression that expects women to starve themselves in order to be deemed ‘pretty’. She expresses it through symbolism in Phenomenal Woman. She creates this personified image that makes her attractive not by means of physical beautiful nor by society’s standards but the inner beauty and how she feels about herself. The way one carries the body is the means of self-expression that combines with physique and personality. Every gesture, every shape her body makes causes people to stare at her with admiration. Overview (2013) stated “Throughout the remainder of the stanza, the speaker itemizes the particular traits she believes make her uniquely appealing. In discussing her features, including her arms, hips, and lips, the speaker focuses on specific elements pertaining to each physical feature” (Pg. NA).

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... that women (the hips) have the accessible freedom to do what they want without anybody’s interference. Overview: "homage to my hips"(2009) stated “In the second half of line 5, Clifton attaches the notion of freedom to her hips” (pg. NA).
In conclusion, the use of distinct techniques are essential for the comprehension of the poets’ message. The overall perception is acquiring the self-image is the key to attain the empowerment that a tenacious woman clothes herself with. Procuring the positive self-identity is crucial to progress toward equality. Angelou applies symbolism of a personified image, imagery, and metaphors to describe the phenomenal woman. Clifton uses repetition and personification to describe ways in which her hips stand for what she believes in. Obtaining the self-esteem concept to triumph through society comes with women’s advancement of equality.

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