Lincoln 's Moral And Ethical Beliefs Essay examples

Lincoln 's Moral And Ethical Beliefs Essay examples

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It is widely known that Abraham Lincoln, since his childhood, was never a fan of the south. Additionally, his father was a devout Christian, which played a major role in the development of Lincoln’s moral and ethical beliefs, which manifested themselves more so later on his life and would play a major part in Lincoln’s agenda during the Civil War. The idea that Lincoln may or may not have overstepped his powers during the process of preserving the unity of the United States will be looked at closely in the following paragraphs. This critical analysis will look at various sources with differing views in order to establish a solid conclusion as to why Lincoln was justified in the actions he took as President during the Civil War.
Further, it will give the reader a better understanding of how and why the decisions he made were for the greater good, despite the obvious mixed views at the time, as shown by the initial secession of seven southern states that were against his agenda due to the fact that these states were against certain federal laws, and the abolishment of slavery. This group of states would go on to be called the Confederate States. To fight a war against the abolishment of slavery and evolving federal law is difficult to justify, compared to the Confederates fighting against Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, amongst other issues that will be touched on.
According to Kentucky Educational Television, “The issues that caused the Civil War had been brewing since the United States was formed. The most important causes Southerners listed for the war were unfair taxation, states ' rights, and the slavery issue” ("Causes of the Civil War"). The major controversy surrounding the perceived threats that were viewed as unfair...

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..., while maintaining a clear strategic plan as to how to deal with part of the country revolting against the Constitution he swore to protect is nothing short of miraculous.
Lincoln did not throw the first punch in the Civil War, but he did respond with a very powerful blow. To this day, the impact that Lincoln had on our country has yet to rivaled. While Lincoln stood primarily as a loyal defender of the constitution and the Union, it’s not what he is most famous for to most people. That title belongs to the Emancipation Proclamation, which is perhaps the biggest positive by-product to come out of such a tumultuous time for not only this country, but for an entire race of people. Lincoln followed through with protecting the Constitution; a task that he could have been accomplished by someone else; however, it is highly unlikely anyone could do it how Lincoln did it.

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