Essay on The Limits Of Human Reason

Essay on The Limits Of Human Reason

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The Limits of Human Reason
One may ask the question, “What actually is reason?” You can give multiple perceptions to the word’s definition. However, what reason is, in the human life, is the notion where one uses their own intuition through their experiences to therefore trust someone or something. Trust, otherwise known through reasoning, is depicted from faith, where which both work hand-in-hand with each other. Faith involves the act of will, or the commitment of the believer who wishes to be therefore trusted; otherwise to be given faith towards. Pope John Paul II, Camus, Schopenhauer and Pascal all have differing views, but they all show how we cannot lead meaningful lives.
For Pope John Paul II the limits of human reason are only up to the faith and beliefs of the person, for example faith and reasoning. But reasoning, like I just mentioned, comes through evidential intuition, which is attained through experiences that we have with one another. God plays a huge part in life according to Pope John Paul II, “The word of God refers constantly to the thing which transcend human experience.” (Fides et Ratio 104) This intuition, or trust, comes from these experiences where we reason assumptions we may have toward the other person. This reasoning is from the factual evidenced experienced in person and we have faith in this evidence that it is indeed, factual. A real life example, that all can empathetically understand, is where you have atheists, who claim that there is no faith, but only reason. However, this isn’t true, due to the fact that they have faith in their own individual intelligibility. Through their knowledge they trust that they are right in what they do, so it’s pretty naïve to conclude that there is no su...

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... or it can begin with typical theological claims, which are backed up and fine-tuned with scientific thinking sense the term reasoning.

Faith and reason could be thought of as the two headed monster. Two heads that help bring the Holy Spirit to truth. Being placed in the human heart by God the desire to search for the truth, that by having faith in the Lord, men and women can get some fulfillment of truth about themselves in their journey with life. With faith comes truth that latter emerges reason to find the truth’s importance. And from that importance will bring forth how the individual will carry himself or herself. If they choose to ignore faith and reason, they are merely just wondering blindly through reality. In Conclusion Pascals Wager essentially says the same things that faith and reason argue. “We are all playing the same game (life).” (Pascal 301)

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