The Limitation Of Sia 's Resource Development And Design Essay

The Limitation Of Sia 's Resource Development And Design Essay

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Although that SIA is considered to contribute effectively to social sustainability, there are three key limitations of current SIA practices leading challenges to achieve it (Vanclay 2011). Firstly, the limitation of SIA in resource development and design. Secondly, people have traditional understandings about SIA, which limits the effective contribution of SIA to sustainability. Thirdly, the SIA lack of a regulatory agency definition and peer review studies. However, in order to fully achieve potential contribution of SIA to sustainability, three ways are promoted to achieve better sustainable development.

At first, from a resource developer’s perspective, the limitation of SIA practices (drawbacks in resource development and design) can be divided into three aspects. The first aspect is that the SIA is unable to integrate the economic impacts and local involvement (Harvey 2011). Actually, the current SIA pays little attention to benefits of economic opportunities or service provision in developing regions. In other words, the SIA currently focuses on protecting the traditional needs of local people instead of making a balance between their aspiration and preservation (Harvey 2011). However, it is difficult to achieve the balance because of two reasons. On one hand, the rapid population resulting from high birth rates and migration increases the tension between generations. On the other hand, the local people did not want some changes in their lives. Furthermore, the use of SIA is not optional (Harvey 2011). For example, its use is controlled by governments and supported by the lending institutions (Harvey 2011). Even there is no universal approach to apply in context expect some common SIA terms. Moreover, SIA fails to me...

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...titioners. Therefore, through using the conceptual framework, peer review systems and etc, better SIA practices would occur.

In conclusions, despite the limitations of SIA are various, such as the resource development, the traditional understanding and lack of scientific implementing tools, three key ways are promoted to address these limitations. First, the way of emphasizing the importance of consultation is necessary for conflicts in resource design between communities and local people. Second, establishing the value creation of SIA is beneficial for the public to increase the awareness of SIA and abandon the traditional perspectives. At last, setting up some scientific tools contributes to the better implementation of SIA practices. Understanding those key limitations of SIA and using these ways will improve SIA potential contribution to sustainable development.

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