The Life Of A Big Brother Like Mine Essay

The Life Of A Big Brother Like Mine Essay

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Growing up with a big brother like mine, you learn to appreciate a lot of the little things. Sometimes these little things can help you out when you are struggling. At a young age I would always see my brother with a book in his hand. I was always so fascinated by this. I would sit right next to him as he read out loud. Whether for fun or homework this became our thing. The day he left for college, he sat me down and said “ Bug, book are the future. Use them to escape from harsh reality, use them to dream, believe and live. NEVER STOP READING!”. As a six year old, all this doesn’t really mean much. All I knew was my brother was leaving and I would no longer have someone who would read to me. So I had to continue this on my own.
When my brother left, reading wasn’t the same. It felt different, but I still found joy in it. Although life at home was rough and I had many problems to deal with, I found an escape in books. At school, I spent hours in the library, reading all the books. In my imagination I had been to the cold tundra of Alaska, the scorching hot deserts of Egypt and all around the world. I could never seem to stop reading, I soon became addicted. Moving put a major amount of stress on my family and me. I felt alone in a new place, but books stayed there forever by my side. My collections grew and because of that knowledge I learned how to make new friends, how to adapt and ways to cope. Things that my family didn’t want to talk about I learned through books. I never really thought about a life without books.
Years later here I am, a child that grew up on books. I was presented with a book “ Fahrenheit 451”. The idea that there is a world without books, scared me. As i read on I grew agitated with the book, so often my...

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...ere all books are banned and everything is censored. No one would be able to think for themselves. Think about the book Fahrenheit 451, these people were harassed, houses burned down, books burned, a woman was even burned alive with her books. The main character Guy Montag felt numb and never really thought to himself. It was not until he was introduced to a girl who thought differently, who did read the illegal books, that he was able to feel something. He was able to risk more for what he believed. Some people say that books can hinder people changing, but books can actually help people change. Whether it be their mindset, their actions or even just their feelings. We need to stop the censoring, stop the banning, advocate for books to be kept on the shelves regardless of provocative language and let people decide for themselves if they want to read the book or not.

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