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The Life Group I Attended Essay

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The Life Group I attended is a multiple family group that meets to discuss the bible and reiterate the lessons from the preacher’s sermon that day. Feeling awkward being surrounded by people I didn’t really know and never being to a Life Group (Bible Study). The only recent experience with groups that I have for a structured purpose come from school. Having worked in a learning center with pre-school age children, I had to work with the other teachers to build, create, and implement curriculum structured around the Learning Center’s ideals.
Within the small 3-5 person group of teachers at the center, I walked in a novice following those with more experience than so I could learn. After a few short months, I stopped into a lead teacher position that directed over the other teachers in the center. Starting as a follower and moving into leadership so quickly showed me during this time that I showed great leadership qualities.
Showing qualities through my abilities, creativity levels, classroom control, and overall ability to work with young students. Having organizational skills held a part in my moving into the leadership role so quickly. Creating a bridge between the morning and afternoon teachers to help them better work together and correlate their lessons to make smoother and easier transitions.
The life group I attended, I defiantly was a silent follower. Even with being raised in the church all my life, I have always had troubles speaking about the bible with others. I know many things about what the bible states, general knowledge, but translations through different people vary. Also being surrounded by so many people who know so much about the bible and see things all the same way was intimidating. I tend to shy away f...

... middle of paper ... or leadership skills equal or stronger than mine. Taking a step-back and assessing each situation properly will help me achieve and create a more positive outcome in these skill areas.
Using the Life-group to look on and seeing where I know my strengths lie, but also seeing where improvements can be made was overall a great experience. Though the group for me was awkward and difficult at times, I made it through. Something to possibly do in the future through another church someday. Learning to control anxiety and go with the flow of events makes smoother rides. Knowing that we all can’t be leaders all the time, I enjoy the many other positions that my life does offer. I enjoy being in a lead position and having authority over actions and plans, but taking the backseat and following isn’t bad either. A person can learn a lot by just watching others. I know I did.

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