The Life and Work of Fransico Jose de Goya y Lucientes Essay

The Life and Work of Fransico Jose de Goya y Lucientes Essay

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Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes, better known as Francisco Goya, was born in 1746 in Fuendetodos, Spain. This was during the age of Romanticism, the art period that glorified emotion, imagination, and nature. He moved to Saragossa with his family, where he began to study art at the age of 14. Goya studied under local artist José Luzán Martínez, his teacher. He learned to paint by copying the styles of other artists, such as Diego Velázquez and Rembrandt. Afterwards, Goya moved to Madrid. There, he worked with fellow painters Francisco and Ramón Bayeu y Subías, who were brothers. He married the brothers’ sister in 1773, Josefa Bayeu. Before his marriage, he had travelled to Italy, where he entered drawing competitions (around 1770-1771). Although he failed to win these competitions, the judges still liked his art.
Goya soon began to work for the Royal Tapestry Factory in 1775-1792 after the German painter Anton Raphael Mengs asked him to. He created tapestry cartoons, which are models used to weave the tapestries. His designs featured even...

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