Essay on The Life and Musical Career of Eminem

Essay on The Life and Musical Career of Eminem

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Eminem had a miserable childhood which he learned to thrive in and succeed to what he has become now. Marshall was born in St. Joseph, Missouri on October 17, 1972. He was the child of Bruce Mathers, Jr. and Deborah Nelson. Soon after Marshall’s birth his father left to California. His mother struggled to maintain a household, for which the result was frequent movement from Michigan and Missouri. The family then settled in Warren, Michigan in an African American middle-class neighborhood. The family was the only Caucasian tenants through the region. Marshall was a tall, scrawny, and white male that stood out amongst his peers, of African Americans, and was constantly bullied for his color. In addition his mother was an abusive drug addict who took prescription pills. Eminem then inclined to the interest of hip-hop listening to his first rap song at nine—"Reckless" featuring Ice-T. Later in his life he suffered family loss, like his Uncle Ronnie who committed suicide. Mathers became mute and antisocial for weeks. In high school he dropped out for repeating ninth-grade for his third time, for poor grades, and pursued lyrical writing. Marshall then joined rap groups and freestyles gaining success in the predominantly black industry. He then adapted to the name “M&M” as his rapper name, which later evolved to “Eminem”. Eminem’s adversities affected many of his works throughout his life and career. After his album Infiniti, Eminem was signed into Aftermath Records by Dr. Dre and started to produce albums of masterpiece.
An album from Eminem that I felt connected was Encore, which was his fifth studio album. It was, in my opinion, one of most successful albums he has produced. The album has many countless hits that reflect towards h...

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...and how he projects his voice through lyrics. It was genius for him to put out this song since he has many agreeable fans towards his work and for others to listen.
Eminem came from poverties that many would not succeed from. Many doubted Eminem for becoming a rapper because of his color, lack of lyrical skills, and lifestyle. It even accumulated when he dropped out of high school and pursued his rapping career. He never believed of failure which motivated him to engineer his own long rhyming skills. He used his own adversities to inspire his songs which many consider masterpieces. His daughter Hailey made a great contribution towards his career as he wanted to flourish in her eyes and give all he had never had. Eminem has changed the interface of rap music and has generated a new era of rap which he will be considered as the ‘Greatest Rapper of All Time’.

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