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Library Collections and Development Essay

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RUSA’s (Reference and User Services Association, a division of ALA) Standards and Guidelines Committee revised the existing guidelines for Liaison work in 2009. The standards and guidelines help librarians identify users that can help in collection services and issues. They also identify objectives and continuing education opportunities for liaisons. (2010, p. 97)
According to the committee, liaison work is the mean by which librarians involve their patrons in assessing the collection to determine how satisfied the patrons are with it. The work includes identifying patrons’ needs, evaluating the collection, removing unused materials, and acquiring new materials. Liaison work allows the librarian to communicate with the patrons and the patrons to communicate

with the librarian.
The guidelines also provide for training and support for liaisons. As much as possible the liaisons background, interests and experiences should reflect those of the community. They should enhance their knowledge and skills through continuing education, in-services, and relationship building through technology, literature, or face-to-face contact.
Liaisons work in public, academic, and special libraries. In public libraries, they provide collection development policies to staff and patrons. They also target assessment and management to the special needs and interests of the patrons, which include recreational readers, civic groups, government agencies, businesses, senior citizens, the disabled, students, teachers, people in institutions, English language learners, and persons involved in literacy programs. In addition, they provide activities and outreach programs through adult and juvenile programs, Friends of the Library chapters, fo...

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... that the NAP uses, as well as the services and materials they offer their immigrant population can serve as a model for other libraries to emulate.

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