Li-Fi: Wireless Visible Light Communication Essay

Li-Fi: Wireless Visible Light Communication Essay

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Li-fi is coming soon

LIFI (Light Fidelity), known as wireless visible light communication, also known as the optical fidelity technologies, is a technology for transmitting data using light bulb light. Li-Fi technology using LED lights everywhere, by a tiny chip implanted on the bulb formation is similar to AP (Wi-Fi hotspot) devices; terminals can access the network at any time. LIFI invention designed to challenge existing Wi-Fi technology, but given the limitations of this technique,
Recently, the school of information science and Engineering College of positive news, a visible light transmission network signal inside the international leading edge communications LIFI successfully achieved in the laboratory. Researchers network signal to a 1W LED lamp bead, light and 4 computers Internet, off-line speed up 3.25G, real-time system average Internet access rates of up to 150M, one of the world's fastest "light Internet". Next month, 10 prototypes will be unveiled in 2013, Shanghai industry fair.

Herald Hass
Li-Fi, English "Light Fidelity" abbreviation, Chinese-called "wireless visible light communication", by Herald Haas and his team at the University of Edinburgh in 2011, a patented technology, this technique uses rapid pulses of radio transmission of information, and their use is currently (October 2013) is still in its initial stages.


Li-Fi lamp light to transmit data through a micro-chip to an ordinary LED retrofit bulbs, bulb flashes very fast, you can send data using light bulbs. Light bulbs blink rate millions of times per second. In this way, the LED bulb can quickly transfer a binary encoding. For open hole, however, such flashes are not visible, only the sensitive receiver can detect it. This is si...

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...he first product since its inception, equipment worth 5,000 euros. PureVLC will also, through a system that is already installed in the Baxley Business Academy in London, with light as a medium, live London Mayor Boris Johnson (Boris Johnson) a speech. Li-Fi overwrites Wi-Fi dominate the landscape of the future, and even had a huge impact on telecom operators, and impact strength would be unprecedented.

On October 15, 2013, the College of technology in the laboratory of computer science, Fudan University successfully implemented the visible light transmission network signaling technology. Researchers network signal to a 1W LED lamp bead, light and 4 computers Internet, maximum rate of 3.25G, average Internet access rates of up to 150M, one of the world's fastest "light Internets". In November, 10 prototype will be unveiled in 2013, Shanghai industry fair.

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