Legislative Success: The Legislative Point of View Essay

Legislative Success: The Legislative Point of View Essay

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In general for any level of government, a private agency or even within one group, gaining support starts with interest, need, demand, and potential success. Legislative changes will go nowhere without one or more of these concepts. Nor should it- whats the point? Legislative success among the president deals greatly with legislative advocacy. Legislation is generally successful when a large majority of those to be affected will benefit from the legislation. The new Health Care Reform for example is a good idea generally supported by Congress and Senate however it’s slow to gain acceptance from the people resulting from its multiple flaws(Sollenburger).

A president’s legislative success is based upon his interest and ambition. Showing you care and that you are determined to bring nothing but great success to the county surely affects the opinion of the Congress positively and proves that you can handle major issues and successfully overcome issues and major events.

Advocating for what people believe in comes naturally to many, but there are a host of good reasons for legislative advocacy in particular(CTB Legislative Advocacy). Legislative Advocacy is the act of working with the individual lawmakers and lawmaking bodies to gain support for your initiative or cause. This is important among the president’s concern with showing interest because if he has a plan he must be able to pursue it. Simple political, intellectual, or moral support could potentially be the support of lawmakers, like Congressmen or state legislators, or it could even be the support of other somewhat powerful people who don’t directly make laws themselves, but may be listened to by those who do(CTB Legislative Advocacy).

Legislative Advocacy is ...

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...impler for those you are trying to convince but also those who are working with you to get the job done. If your message isn’t specific or accomplishable these busy Legislators and lawmakers won’t pay great attention and essentially they will not become involved to assist with the goal.

A president gains legislative success by approaching legislators and other policymakers. Maintaining regular and basic contact with policymakers is important for rising issues. Doing so will prevent a major issue to explode and being pressed for time because there was no previous planning. Three basic rules for this contact with legislators and policymakers is to first approach them personally, second have a clear goal in mind to speak to them about, and finally make sure they understood the advantages of supporting you and the results of not doing so(CTB Legislative Advocacy).

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