Essay on The Legal System Promotes Social Justice

Essay on The Legal System Promotes Social Justice

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This essay will discuss whether the legal system promotes or hinders social justice in reference to ethnic minority groups. It will include what social justice is and will also identify the importance of it for social work. This essay will also involve and mention ways in which different types of groups experience social justice and different legislations that are put in place within the legal system with regard to BME groups and young offenders. The use of anti oppressive practise and issues of power and oppressions will also be included.
To begin this essay Social justice is known as challenging injustice and also valuing diversity. Social justice is when all individuals share a distinctive humanity and in this manner have a privilege to impartial treatment, support for their human rights, and a reasonable assignment of group assets. In states of social equity, individuals are not be victimized, nor their welfare and prosperity obliged or biased on the premise of sex, sexuality, religion, political affiliations, age, race, conviction, inability, area, social class, or financial circumstances. Social justice is a very powerful term as its put out there to ensure all individuals are treated equally and they receive the correct form of “Justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society”. Social justice has a huge importance in the social work profession. Social workers have belief that each person deserves social justice including equal political, social and economic opportunities and rights. Social workers believe social justice is a value system and believe that this value system underscores everything they do. A few examples are a social worker will ensure their homeless clients h...

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...orkers and clients such as the young offenders and clients within the BME groups. The next action is to confront existing practises and structures for instance in connection to training and employment within services, to make sure they did not discriminate or oppress individuals from specific backgrounds. The following quote “Anti-oppressive and anti-discriminatory practice emphasise the impact of racism and the need to challenge racist structures and practices in health and social care organisations.” OpenLearn, (2016). Shows anti oppressive practises challenge racism in different organisations.
In conclusion this piece of writing mentions different legislations which promotes social justice towards different ethnic minority groups such as BME groups and young offenders. This writing also includes what social justice is and the importance of it within social work.

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