The Legacy Of Abraham Lincoln Essay

The Legacy Of Abraham Lincoln Essay

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Abraham Lincoln was a great president, an amazing husband, fantastic father, and above
all a extraordinary man. He was truly a versatile man , from a lawyer to a wrestler Lincoln could
do it all. Abraham Lincoln 's life started amazingly, but ended short. Was his death truly done by
a confederate sympathizer or by one of his closest friend.
February 12, 1809 a person who would change the world forever was born, Abraham
Lincoln. He was born into a log cabin located in Kentucky. None of his parents were well
educated, but his mom always told him to read, this helped Abraham become educated. When he
was only 9 years old his mom died of milk sickness. His dad never really liked him much so the
rest of his childhood wasn 't the best.
Abraham ended up moving to Springfield, Illinois, where he ended up marrying Mary
Todd Lincoln and had 4 kids. Out of 4 kids he had 3 of them ended up dieing before they could
be 19 years old. He decided to become a lawyer and live in Springfield, Illinois. He decided to
run in the 1860 presidential election and ended up winning. When he won 9 states ended up
seceding from the United States. The reason was because he wanted to stop slavery and this
ended up starting the civil war.
The Civil war was a very stressful time for Abraham in office. He even ended up coming
out of his office and ended up in one of the battles. Abraham lincoln was shot at during the battle
of fort stevens but none of the bullets hit him. The civil war ended up lasting 4 years and ended
1865, April 9th at the appomattox court, when Robert E. Lee surrendered. This was upsetting
news to the confederate people, but some of them took it to far. That person that went too far was
John Wilkes Booth.
John Wilkes Booth was born May 10, 1838 ...

... middle of paper ... Powell were executed by hanging on July 1865. The
death of Mary Surratt was the first woman who was ever executed by the federal government.
They Allegedly planned the assassination at her house. John Surratt who was also believed to be
part of the assassination, he was also Mary Surratt’s son. He was able to get away to egypt until
they caught him and brought him back to court. He was found not guilty and ended up living
until 1916. (
They ended up burying Abraham Lincoln 's body at Oak Ridge Cemetery located in
Springfield, Illinois. He buried near all his family. They had a court case on whether John Wilkes
Booth should be buried. His sister won the case and he was able to be buried. John Wilkes Booth
was buried at Green Mount Cemetery in Baltimore, Maryland. The murder affected the nation as
it was the first ever assassination of a president.

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