The LED Lighting Industry and Construction Essay

The LED Lighting Industry and Construction Essay

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There are an abundance of applications available for LED lighting. Some of these include:
LEDs in Industry:
Industrial sized buildings such as an airport/factory are running lights for 24 hours 7 days a week. This means that the electricity usage is very high. The fact that the ceilings in these large industrial buildings are very high means that light maintenance procedure is timely therefore costly. Not to mention the cost involved in the replacement of the bulbs themselves. The use of LED lights would improve this situation dramatically. LEDs will use a fraction of the energy of the lights that came before them. The fact that LEDs are very energy efficient means that they are also reliable. LEDs last several times longer than your average halogen or even CFL. Therefore maintenance costs are at a minimum.
LED’s in Retail:
Nowadays people like to get away from the house and go out and explore. Shops, especially clothes shops, are always on the list for people on a day out whether it’s to purchase or browse, shops will always attract crowds. Therefore shops have to be visually appealing to the public. A great way to improve the aesthetics of a shop is to use lighting to your advantage. With LEDs coming in an abundance of colours it’s a great way to entice buyers in. It sets a tone for the shop. LEDs are also used in retail for display purposes. The fact that most LEDs expel their light linearly means that they are good for showcasing a product whether it’s a watch or a bag.
LED’s in Outdoor Spaces:
LED’s provide an excellent way of illuminating our urban environment. LED’s are very versatile as they can be a variety of colours. This gives architects, landscapers and designers the ability to create a mood or ambiance. For example...

... middle of paper ... an insulator which allows no current to pass. To allow current to pass the electrons need to be fit to pass from one region to another. If a positive voltage is connected to the P-Type region and a negative voltage is connected to the N-Type region then this will create an electric field which allows the free electrons to go towards the positive region and repel form the negative region.
This is the basic operation of a diode, but when do we start to achieve light? LED’s perform the same way as a normal diode in fact most normal diodes are light emitting diodes but the light produced is so small it can’t be seen. LED’s operate in state known as forward biased. This means that electrons and holes are constantly moving towards the depletion region and being replenished by the connected voltage. The process of the electrons and the holes meeting creates the light.

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