Essay on The Leaves On The Oak Trees

Essay on The Leaves On The Oak Trees

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The leaves on the oak trees rustled as Elise Walters stepped out of the bright, yellow taxi and onto the sidewalks of Oakdale University, the wind lightly whipping her brown locks in front of her face.
Great, she thought to herself, Now I’m going to look like a complete mess. She ran her fingers through her hair, trying to tame it in any way that she could.
It was her first time being away from home and Elise was uneasy about how she should feel. Should she be happy that she’s on her own and finally able to make her own dreams a reality? Should she feel sad that she moved away from her support system who always believed in her? Elise didn’t know, but she knew that within a few weeks she would be able to answer that question.
“Hello, welcome to Oakdale University,” a woman in the school’s class colors, black and green, said to Elise, “What year are you?” she asked.
“I’m a freshman,” Elise said confidently with a deep breath and a smile on her face.
“Do you know which dorm building you’ll be living in?” she asked, glancing down at Elise’s cases of luggage.
“I think so?” Elise questioned herself as she glanced down at the piece of paper in her hands. Dorm Building 2A. Room number 214. Seemed easy enough to find, Elise thought to herself.
“You don’t seem so sure of yourself,” the woman stated glancing at the uneasy features and stress lines that came upon Elise’s features as she read over her paper.
“I’ll find it,” Elise reassured the woman and herself. It didn’t look like it would be too hard to find, as most of the buildings were clearly labeled with black plaques placed by the glass entry doors, “Thank you for your help anyways.”
“You’re welcome.”
Elise nodded and bent down to grab her luggage before throwing them over h...

... middle of paper ...

...are you?” Elise asked, as she held the door open for him.
“I’m room 215,” James said, seeing a smirk grow across Elise’s face.
“You just don’t want to leave me, huh?” She asked, making her way down the narrow hallway, the walls decorated with school posters and announcements.
“What do you mean?” He asked, repositioning his hands on the baggage.
“It looks like we’re neighbors,” she said as they walked to her dorm door. She dug in her pants pocket and pulled out the key the school had given her previous of her arrival. She put in the key and turned it, grasping the handle and turning it. With a final motion of pushing the door open, Elise finally came to see her bare and empty dorm room. She glanced back and grabbed her bags from James, their hands slightly touching in the exchange. With one bag in both of her hand Elise looked up at James, “Nice to meet you, neighbor.”

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