Essay on The Learning Process: Working with Adult Learners

Essay on The Learning Process: Working with Adult Learners

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The most important thing to remember about working with adult learners
I have to remember that the learner`s age is a huge factor in the learning process.
according to the book authors Merriam and Cafarella "Whether adults lose their intellectual abilities as they age is still open to question for a number of reasons, including a lack of consistent research methodologies and tools. The most common response is to this important issue is that adult intelligence appears relatively stable, at least until the sixth or seventh decade. If a decline in functioning does exist, it appears to apply primarily to the maximum versus average levels of functioning. In reflecting on the issue of aging and intelligence, remember that myths promote powerful images, whether the myth is grounded in fact or fiction. It has been difficult for educators and researchers alike to give up the stereotype that young equals sharp and older means dull.”
What affects our learning as adult relates to the age factor and intelligence. It is noticeable that younger learners are quicker to learn with less required speed . On the con tray, older learners take more time in responding and red more time but the speed can be adapted and the learning pace can change. Additionally, our cognitive and motoric skills deteriorate as we get older especially after forty years old. For example my mother, at the age of 70 started to experience some loss of senses such as hearing, talking and responding. This decline affects the self trust and esteem.
Older learners suffer from memory decline especially after forty where it is hard to acquire and learn, organize new material. Decline in memory worsens with aging and a repetition becomes a necessity to acquire the knowledge.
It is i...

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...ll torn between my military identity and student identity, The transition between military and civilian life is very difficult. When I am at school, I still feel I need to maintain my military principals and the space between me and others, I enjoy the freedom and the simplicity of life. Learning becomes a joy and a gateway from the harshness. On the contrary, when I am back to my unit , I become more serious and less much less smiling ! Also my post traumatic disorder leads to feelings of depression, stress, sleeping difficulties and worry.
As an educator, I like to make sure that I can bring in an exciting learning experience into my classroom and to my students through motivational student centric learning, gaining my students` trust and implementing a culturally sensitive pedagogy with respect to my students` diversity, social backgrounds and home literacies

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