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Learning Community: Diversity Essay

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Diversity has become an important topic of conversation among members of the education profession, as well as an issue that presents great concern within other areas, professions, and fields of study. While diversity is a multi-tiered entity with multiple elements including but not limited to socio-economic, gender, sexual orientation, religious, physical differences, and cultural intricacies, perhaps the most inclusive of the composition of diversity is that of race and ethnical diversity in regards to a variety of aspects, but none so dramatic as that of the educational process and educational system in general (Jorgan & Ross-Vega, 2010). In addition to the entity known as diversity, an increasingly trending topic of interest, the research has been presented the opportunity to live in what most experts within the context of diversity would consider and refer to as a vapidly diverse geographic location. The location in question is the region known as Appalachia, more specific, Central Appalachia, and within its population of citizens, it has a minute percentage of those that would be categorized as racial minorities. In putting this into context to location would include, African Americans, Hispanics, First Generation Americans(Native Americans), Asian, bi-racial, an d those whom identify themselves as multiracial or considered “other” (Pollard, 2004).
In addition to elements of diversity, primarily narrowing on the racial/ethnicity aspect as a major piece of this proposed topic of research, the outreach of involvement in extra curricula activities such as sports, choir, band, and various clubs and its impact on minority student achievement is a second piece of the proposed research. Are there connections between m...

... middle of paper ...

...n skills of

Candidate teachers in term of playing sports or not. Science, Movement, and

Health, 7(2), 118-121.

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