Essay about Leap Global Missions Is A Non Profit, Christian Based Organization

Essay about Leap Global Missions Is A Non Profit, Christian Based Organization

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LEAP Global Missions is a non-profit, Christian based organization from Dallas, Texas. LEAP is committed to improving the lives of people from communities all over the world by providing the best free surgical care to those in need. The organization relies on volunteers and donations to provide the services they do. LEAP is a diverse and inclusive organization. They were founded on Christian values, and these values impact their actions every day, but they treat all people with the same level of respect no matter what. With that said, it is clear that LEAP Global Missions has a clear and defined sense of who they are as they develop a presence on social media. This is critical because the effectiveness and success of their social media platforms relies heavily on LEAP’s ability to show who they are or what they are about on social media. Who LEAP Global Missions is and what they do is represented in their main archetype as the Servant, as well as their two supporting archetypes, the Angel and the Healer.
The Servant archetype represents LEAP’s existence as an organization dedicated to humbly serve others by providing them with free surgical care in a long lasting way. The guidelines present this as showing LEAP’s compassion, long-term commitment to communities, sensitivity to needs, loyalty, dedication and so much more. Overall, LEAP’s social media presence on Facebook and Instagram do a good job of communicating the Servant archetype. Their posts commonly use the word free when referring to the medical care they provide and though they do not always specifically use the word servant, the word serve is frequently used. The Servant archetype is also communicated by highlighting the volunteers who have volunteered with LEAP Global...

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...r money is going to good use.
When it comes to LEAP’s overall social media presence there was one guideline that was not always followed. The guidelines stated that an effort should be made to keep all captions under 50 words. This helps to communicate their message in an effective and concise manner. However, looking at the word count of LEAP’s 20 most recent Facebook posts, a significant number of captions contain a little over 50 words, with the smallest caption being four words and the longest being 160 words. On Facebook only one of these posts required the user to select the “See More” option, while almost every post on Instagram required the user to select the “More” option to read the entire caption. There is a lot of information contained in many of the posts, and while sometimes it is necessary there are a number of posts that contain excess information.

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