The Leadership Of A High School Girls ' Basketball Team Essay

The Leadership Of A High School Girls ' Basketball Team Essay

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A high school girls’ basketball team is made up of many different individuals with very different personalities. These different personalities lead to different roles on the team. These roles are evident on most teams, and each personality type contributes to the function of the team; however, some roles are not as beneficial as others.
One major role on the team is The Leader. The Leader is usually the loudest and most positive player on the team. A senior who is very dedicated to the team usually fills this role. This is somewhat the most vital role. The Leader fuels team energy and creates an intense yet positive environment. During off-season, or improvement season, the leader pulls team focus to the “big picture.” Instead of focusing on the pain and fatigue during workouts, The Leader is constantly reminding her teammates of what they are working for. In practice, the leader is constantly encouraging her teammates and reminding them of the importance of preparation. During games, The Leader carries the team’s energy and tries to fuel team chemistry. The leader is positive during both good and bad situations. This is very important to the morale on the court.
A more detrimental role belongs to the complainer. The complainer may show up to all improvement season workouts, but she is sure to remind everyone how much she does not want to be there. During practice, the complainer is full of constant excuses. She allows a bad day to lead to a bad practice. If she is not happy, she will try to pull her teammates down with her. In games, the complainer will place blame on anyone but herself. She will blame the referees for her fouls and her teammates for her mistakes. In good situations, the complainer will find things to whine ...

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...he burden of being the main focus point of the team when it comes to the program’s reputation. The actions of the players and the outcome of the scoreboard reflect back to The Coach. Though this may be unfair, The Coach takes this responsibility with poise and composure.
A girls’ basketball team is made up of many different parts. One individual part cannot function without the others. Though some influence the team in different ways, the impact they have on the team is still noticeable. The negative roles balance with the positive roles. A team would not be the same without each individual person and the personality she embodies. In life, people will either break others down or build them up. Though those who tear others down are not ideal, both types of people are important to the formation of the character of those they encounter.

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