Leader Of Influence : An Influential Leader Essay

Leader Of Influence : An Influential Leader Essay

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Leader of Influence

I would not be where I am at today if it would not have been for influential leaders that I had through my career. The most influential of these leaders is SSG Parker. She was my first squad leader and then became my platoon sergeant at my first duty station. When I joined the Army, I came in under the “Stripes for Skills” program. This program promoted Soldiers to the rank of E-5 after arriving at their first duty station and performing their job for three months. If not for SSG Parker, I would be an E5 with no preparation after three months on the job.
SSG Parker was the most squared away Soldier that I knew. She demonstrated her character and presence because she knew the standards, lived the Army values and trained her Soldiers to also live the Army values and exceed the standards. Our First Sergeant put her in charge of the color guard because he knew she had the professionalism and military bearing to carry out that responsibility.
She knew her Soldiers and always put their needs before her own. When I arrived to the 314th MI Battalion, she immediately counseled me and told me her expectations of me. She gave me more responsibilities than a normal E-3 because I would promote to E-5 in 3 months. I immediately became a team sergeant to four other E-3s that had just arrived on station. Because of this, I learned very quickly how to look up information in regulations, write counseling statements, lead PT, and many other things I needed to know to be successful as an Sergeant. This demonstrated her ability to develop Soldiers.
Another one of SSG Parker’s competencies was that she was a great leader. Once I promoted to E-5, I continued to do the same things that I had been doing as an E-3. I ...

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...anted to be like her.
To this day, I still imitate SSG Parker. The legacy that I would like to leave as an NCO is the same legacy that SSG Parker left me. I want to be that NCO that lives the Army values, knows the standards, and always tries to go above and beyond the standard. I want to lead from the front in order to build my Soldiers trust and confidence in me. I want to be that resilient leader that can bounce back from setbacks and give a good example to those I work with. I want to develop my Soldiers to take my place. I want to have that judgment that lets me work with different types of people and be able to know them and how they work so I can lead them effectively. I want to be that NCO that can influence his subordinates, peers, and leaders to be better NCOs. In short, I want my legacy to be that I was the living example of what a NCO should be.

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