Essay on The Language Of Bilingual Language

Essay on The Language Of Bilingual Language

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Some Hispanic teenagers in the United States dislike to speak their native language, Spanish: “Even our own people, other Spanish speakers nos quieren poner candados en la boca [(they want to put padlocks on our mouth)]” (Anzaldua 202). I think it 's a shame. Parents should encourage the Aztec language to their younger children. I believe someone who is bilingual has many opportunities now in the 21st century, because Spanish has become the 2nd most spoken language in America. Personally, I am glad my parents obligated me to speak Spanish at home. My Spanish culture glorifies the language, the unity, and the celebrations.
The norm that I have always lived by is to never speak English in front of non-English speakers. My family doesn’t disfavor family members who tend to forget to communicate in Spanish, but they are quick to mock the person (in a jokingly form) as a reminder. We do this silly act so other relatives, for example, my grandparents, will not feel offended in any form because our grandparents will feel a little disrespected. They do not know what we are saying. They might think we were trying to hide information or events from them. Respect is a serious matter in our culture. Politeness has become natural to me. If a family member is not polite, then we do frown upon them. No matter what age we are, we have to respect each other. My parents always said, “Respect your elders.” Respecting my elders has been a norm our culture fully reverences. Also, we notice how respecting our youth can reciprocate with the same respect to us.
According to the Demographic Profile of Hispanics in California, 2011, the Hispanic population is about 14,358,000 (38% of the population). By the means of this, being bilingual has advantages. B...

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... like karate, Zumba, and clubs. When the parade ends, everyone gathers around the parking lots and visit each other in companion of loud music. My family usually goes back to my house to continue our feast. We marinate meat to grill outside. When we barbeque we prepare the beef, chicken, and homemade salsas. We try to add as much flavor with the garlic and peppers. The night ends when everyone gets a fluffy marshmallow and melts them with the last flames the grill sparks.
I have started to realize that having two identities united has been amazing. “[I] don’t identify with the Anglo-American cultural values and [I] don’t totally identify with the Mexican cultural values [, but] [I am] a synergy of two cultures with various degrees of Mexicanness or Angloness [sic]” (Anzaldua 211-212). I’ve learned to embrace my culture through my tongue, my family, and my traditions.

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