The Lack Of Parental Support Disrupts Children 's Value Of Education Essay

The Lack Of Parental Support Disrupts Children 's Value Of Education Essay

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“More than 3,000 youngsters will drop out will drop out today and every day for the rest of the school year, until about 600,000 are lost by June. One in four will pass through the correctional system, and at least two or three of those will be dropouts.” (Barber pg. 209) In Benjamin Barber’s essay, “Americans Skip School,” the American Educational Systems underlying problems are revealed and expose society’s ignorance to the importance of receiving an education. Statistics display the quantity of students in America that drop out of school and become criminals, nonetheless Americans continue to sidestep the issue. How can we expect students to listen to their teachers when they lack guidance and encouragement from their parents? Skewed moral values have disrupted the public education system in America.
The lack of parental support disrupts children’s value of education. Parents and guardians are the foundations of a child’s morality. If a juvenile grows up without a guardian present, they are consequently more susceptible to media influences than teachers in the classroom. Barber studied the hours of kids in and out of school, “Our kids spend 900 hours in school and from 1,200 to 1,800 hours a year in front of the television set.” Children without a parent present believe the influences they view on television more than what they learn in the classroom. But, if a guardian teaches their child about the value of education, children will be active in the classroom and will be motivated to achieve academic excellence. But, if a parent takes an active role in a child’s life, and they expound on the importance of education, their child will strive to value education as well. If a parent is present in a child’s life and deems educati...

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...g poor schools money will not assure success and failing to grant poor schools money will not assure failure. Both poor and rich school students have to take the same amount of classes to graduate, the quality of building they learn in does not affect the motivation of success. If anything, students of the poor community possess more drive to reach success because of where they come from.
Parents and guardians are the foundation of a child’s values, if a child grows up without education, children will not succeed in school. Raising the payroll of teachers only attracts teachers who care about the income and not about the student’s success. Also, the increase in pay leads to an increase in taxes which push poor citizen into more debt. Upgrading facilities will not change students success in the classroom, the only change would be the building they are failing in.

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