Lack of Economic Equality in Society Essay

Lack of Economic Equality in Society Essay

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"Everywhere in the world there are gross inequities of income and wealth. They

offend most of us" stated Milton and Rose Friedman in "Created Equal" (280) .

Economic inequalities cause poverty, this disparity fuels social conflict. This economic

oppression thrives within the heart of all societies. Poverty is recognized in many

forms: hunger, homelessness, being ill without the ability to seek medical attention.

Poverty also includes powerlessness, lack of freedom, spurred on by lack of

representation. During economic change, whether gradual or suddenly, the fallout has an

effect on all people. Social inequality is deeply and tightly woven throughout the world,

defined by race, ethnicity, gender, or age differences. These inherent traits can dictate

wealth, education, power or prestige, unfortunately, the female gender is most victimized.

Women represent a staggering 70 per cent of the populous living at poverty levels.

Gender alone should not be the determining factor regarding placement within society,

experience and equal productivity should dictate compensation especially for similar

scopes of work.

Throughout history, male and female positions have been subjected to an enduring

binary placement relating to jobs, income, and wealth. Women's economic history

exemplifies centuries of sex prescribed inequality within the labor markets, within the

structure of political rights, human rights or civil rights. Recent advances have buffered

these inequalities in part, but true balance of equality has yet to be reached. The

economic experience of women reflects the paradox of inequality, distilled within the


... middle of paper ...

...tatus, education, employment, wealth and

political power. Some writers prefer the terms "subordinate group" and "dominant group"

rather than "minority" and "majority?. Even though women make up the majority of

people in a number, women are still considered a minority and hence will continue their

struggle for equal recognition.

Ultimately, until a balanced representation is complete the struggle will continue.

Any notion that society can change overnight is not realistic. Progress has been made,

more in some areas of the world as opposed to others. The world should recognize the

power and strength that women have, further, the power and strength they have not

abused. Women?s contribution to society as workers, companions, mothers should be

honored as opposed to oppressed, without gender being a considering factor.

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