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For Science 100’s final task the groups where given a lab to test for water quality in any body of water around the campus of UMBC or relatively close to your home. So my group decided to test the Patapsco River near Ellicott city and the Northwest branch of Anacostia River in Silver Spring. With Ellicott city being in a rural location compared to sliver spring we wondered which body of water would be cleaner. From everything we learned in class and the Documentary from frontline we understood polluted water has an increased rate of happening in the city because of construction, sewage, and water run off. Once we got the samples from both rivers back to the lab we commented on how brown and murky the water was. This may have been due to a storm from the previous night that flooded Ellicott City and rained in Silver Spring. Where the sample was taken for the Patapsco river it was a manmade waterfall/dam the sample from Anacostia was set dirtier than Patapsco River. This is due to Anacostia being surrounded by a more urban area. (Fahrenthold,2010) So based off of the observations we made by looking at the water samples and the surrounding area we predicted that the conductivity, phosphates and nitrates of the Northwest Branch of the Anacostia will be higher than the Patapsco, and that the turbidity of the Patapsco water sample will be higher than the Anacostia River.

In this experiment we tested for turbidity, phosphates, nitrates, and conductivity.
Conductivity was the first test we did using labquest conductivity tester we placed probe into water to measure. (Ahuja,2013) Conductivity Measures the conductance of the water with an electric current. For both rivers, we took 80ml sample at temperature of room. ...

... middle of paper ...

...ed vials, and 5mL of mixed acid reagent into samples. We shook both samples and wait 2 minutes before starting to invert then added 0.1g of nitrate reducing reagent. We shook both samples for 4 minutes then turned then upside down and waited 10 minutes. On the screen we selected “All TESTS” from testing menu and scrolled down to 064 Nitrate-N LR and hit select. We wiped the vail down and testes the sample blank before we tested the actual river water.
The final test we did was turbidity. Turbidity measures water clarity. For both rivers we cleaned 4 vial with distilled water to ensure it is clean. Then filled the sample blank vials with 10ml of water using 2ml pipets. On the screen we selected “All TESTS” from testing menu and scrolled down to 098 Turbidity and hit select. We wiped the vail down and testes the sample blank before we tested the actual river water.

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