Kraft Foods Group : Strengths And Weaknesses Essay

Kraft Foods Group : Strengths And Weaknesses Essay

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The purpose of this project is to show how financially stable the Kraft Foods Group is and demonstrates what its strengths and weaknesses are. The reader can expect to find out what Kraft Food Group is and about their financial history for the last five years. This business participates in the consumer packaged food and beverage industry. The markets that Kraft Food Group sell to are the United States and Canada. Some brands that are included in this company are Kraft, Maxwell House, Oscar Mayer, Planers, Kool-Aid, Velveeta, Capri Sun, and Philadelphia to name just a few. This company was started in 1903 by James Lewis Kraft. Mr. Kraft used a wagon and horse and started selling cheese to businesses in Chicago, Illinois. In 1909, four of his brothers starting helping him with the business. In 1914, the Kraft brothers bought their own cheese factory in Stockton, Illinois. This acquisition led to the start of Kraft becoming a household name. Kraft Food Group now has thirty-seven factories in the US and three in Canada. The company operates forty distributions centers in the US. The company’s main trades are in cheese, dairy foods, snack foods, beverages, confectionary and convenience foods. Kraft Food Group is now the second largest enterprise based on net sales and they are relentlessly increasing. Kraft has had a minimum profit margin for the year of 2012, maximum profit margin for the year 2013 and looking to be average for the year of 2014. Kraft is feeling the effects of the droughts in Brazil with rising coffee prices as well as rising dairy costs because of the Asian market export demand. Kraft has also suffered from the organic craze. The Kraft Food Group has had to use more advertising and lower the pric...

... middle of paper ... a lot of different products which can be good by not putting all of your eggs in one basket approach. This can also lead the company to be stretched and pulled into many directions. The food industry can be a very up and down market because of external forces. Kraft Food Group has some problems with putting chemicals in some of their products that are now prohibited by the government. Kraft Food Group has food scientists, engineers and chemists to combat these chemicals and to develop new products and provide consistent quality of products so they can grow through sales and profits. Kraft Food Group has a high standard of quality and respect from its customers. Kraft Food Group could lose financially by food contamination. This company will continue to grow in the future if they continue to make improvements, make investments, and produce quality products.

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