Kodak Is Faced With Competitive Pressures And Market Share Losses Essay

Kodak Is Faced With Competitive Pressures And Market Share Losses Essay

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The case is set out in a period where leading film product producing company, Kodak is faced with competitive pressures and market share losses. According to the case, between January 17 and January 24 1994, Kodak has lost 8% of its value, due to rumors of a price cut. Kodak’s market share over a 5-year period has also fallen from 76% to 70%. Although it was still the leading firm in the film production industry, it had rising competitive pressures from players such as Fuji co, Konica and other brands, which had products that were priced much lower than Kodak’s flagship brand Gold plus. This led them to develop a new brand called Funtime, which was priced at the same level of that of Konica and Fuji, 20% lower then Gold plus brand.
In 1993, Kodak being the dominant player, had a market share of 70%, Fuji accounted for 11%, Polaroid had 4%, Private labels and others accounting for a joint total of 15%. Fuji’s participation in the 1984 Olympics enabled the company to get into Kodak’s territory, and pose a significant threat.
Asides from growing competition, consumer behavior began...

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