The Key Facts And Critical Issues Of The Case Jim Mcgee Manager Of Astrotech Fuel Systems

The Key Facts And Critical Issues Of The Case Jim Mcgee Manager Of Astrotech Fuel Systems

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Q #1 In a narrative format, discuss the key facts and critical issues presented in the case. In this case Jim McGee manager of AstroTech Fuel Systems need to develop some power and learn to delegate work out to his staff. Normally, we all get our visits from corporate or some “big wig” in the company. This wasn’t a normal visit that Jim expects all the time. Roger Banter made a rare visit to see Jim pertaining to his work performance. Jim was surprised, his performance or his leadership style had failed him so badly that Mr. Banter threatened him to leave. Banter stated, I’ve discussed your situation with Corporate Headquarters and suggest you call your previous boss about the possibility of a transfer back to your old job back in Utah (Eisenbeis, Hanks & Sheehan, 2001). McGee thought he had been doing the best job every day for the company developing new products, increasing the department capability level. Jim as a boss or supervisor did not have any push towards his crew. The staff did not show any motivation or sense of urgency while working. This was the purpose of the visit from the absentee General Manager. During his tenure at with the company, Jim has not been reaching his numbers allowing the revenue to decrease. During this visit by Mr. Banter explained to Jim that it seems as if his employees are in charge of the operation. Jim the Task Master need to put his foot down and get some control of his employees. Ben Short mentioned, Jim needed to begin riding his engineers harder to get results: and if they couldn’t or wouldn’t perform, they should be fired (Eisenbeis, Hanks & Sheehan). Deep down, Jim does not have that mean bone in his body, that means his engineers will remain to work at the same sp...

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... Fuel System operation and how was he going about it? Astro Tech’s original strategy for acquiring Fuel Systems was to gain familiarity with manufacturing the line of products with an ultimate goal of acquiring the industry’s major producer (Eisenbeis, Hanks & Sheehan, 2001, p. 229). Nonsubstitutability is what George seems to be displaying. Phalen has caused so much confusion throughout the organization making an attempt to assure everyone has knowledge of the operation at hand. Lester & Parnell, 2006 stated, due to the knowledge of people in the department, their expertise due to education or training, substitutes are rare or nonexistent. George vision was to get rid of the staff because they were not familiar with the fuel systems of Astro Tech. He provided many hints to Jim to fire and hire so he can get an experienced team aboard for operation to be smooth.

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