The Kenyan Health System Essay

The Kenyan Health System Essay

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Kenya is a developing country in East Africa region with a total land area of 582,646 km2. It gained independence in 1963 from British colonial rule. It is neighbor to Somalia and Sudan which have experienced political instability marred with civil strife but the country has remained relatively stable despite the effects of such on socio-economic status of the country. According to Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (2010), Kenya has 38.6 million people with a growth rate of 2.8% annually with a majority population living in rural areas (World Bank, 2010). Under its current constitution (promulgated in 2010), Kenya is headed by a president with a devolved county government system comprising of 47 counties. Its last concluded general elections in 2013 were peaceful compared to the conflicted 2007 that sparked violence in the country.
The health services are a devolved function in the current transition to county system. Kenya had an annual economic growth rate of about 2.2% in the 90’s with a further increase in GDP of 4.5% in the last decade (World Bank, 2010) which was disrupted by the political crisis in 2007. According to World Bank (2010) statistics, about 46.6% of Kenyans live below the national poverty level. It is one of the countries with highest levels of economic inequity in the society (World Bank, 2010). According to WHO (2013), Kenya is ranked position 147 0ut of 177 with a Human Development Index of 0.521.
The country faces various health challenges including a high burden of communicable diseases (such as HIV/AIDS that is responsible for 29.3% of all deaths, malaria and Tuberculosis) and non-communicable diseases (Government of Kenya, 2011). Health services are provided by government, missionaries, ...

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...f Conduct was developed to coordinate these development stakeholders to work together and avoid duplicating their activities and funding (CSIS, 2014, World Bank, 2010, 2014 & Government of Kenya, 2011).
The chart below illustrates the bilateral patners in kenya.

Source: Global Health Policy, Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS), 2014
To achieve vision 2030, health sector is a key pillar through provision of accessible, quality and relevant health services to have a healthy workforce. Increasing allocation of resources, improvement in health personnel and facilities, better health management are among the strides made. However, challenges still exist due to infrastructural constraints, inadequate human resources, increasing cost of medical care, financial constraints, HIV/AIDS Pandemic, increasing non communicable diseases and high poverty levels.

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