Karl Marx And The Social Change Essay

Karl Marx And The Social Change Essay

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Karl Marx known today as a man of many talents ranging from a historian to an economist, whose work is to this day just as relevant as it was during his time. Social change is a vital component that drove Marx, and that he sought to instill onto the masses. His work is derived from a changing world, one where a new economic system immerged. Marx advocated for social change amongst the masses that where being exploited as a result of capitalism, the new economic system taking hold. Capitalism brought with it unique concepts, one of those being the exchange of labor for wages. Alienation thus ensues as a result of capitalism, where a worker is alienated from the product, next worker is alienated from the production of that product, followed by an alienation of species being, and further alienates the worker from other workers; in like manner fetishism of commodities is a reworking of alienation.
Marx drew his views from others, such as Hegel, but contrary to Hegel he accredited the driving force of change to reside within the prominent economic system, and the interactions that take place within that economic system rather than a divine power (Appelrouth and Edles 2016). As a result Marx examined capitalist societies, where capitalism provided the ideal setting for exploitation to manifest itself, since capitalism in its true nature is meant to be exploitive of those who do not own the means of production (Appelrouth and Edles 2016). Through the exchange of labor for wages rises alienation, all taking place under capitalism.
Alienation of worker from product occurs when the worker no longer holds control over the product. In this form of alienation, the worker has no say in the price of the product, build of product or e...

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...the exploitation of the workers. Alienation is a subsequent of a capitalist society whose working individuals are being isolated from the product itself and even from self. An exchange of labor for wages transforms the working individual into a commodity that can be exchanged and used for profits of those who own the means of production. It is through fetishism of commodity that perpetual alienation is generated, and negates the opportunity of the worker to develop species being, that is gained through knowledge of who they can be; with the intention of the ruling to stop the development of class-consciousness, so that they are able to retain the power they hold over the worker.

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