Essay about The Justification Of Revenge For Black Hawk

Essay about The Justification Of Revenge For Black Hawk

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Europeans felt the need to slaughter entire villages or people in response to a single murder. But the Europeans would also use retaliation as a means of acquiring one’s land. The excuse of revenge could be used in order to justify killing a Native American group and taking their land. This land taking theme will be something which reoccurs very often.
Land disputes were another common in violence in pre-colonial and colonial North American society. Black Hawk made his intentions clear when he speaks about his long time rivalry with the Sioux peoples. Both groups made legitimate claims to what they felt were their hunting grounds. Indeed, both groups most likely hunted in the areas at various times, with neither party ever fully controlling the land. Therefore, whenever the two nations were out hunting and saw one another some form of violence erupted. This most likely also helped serve the social function of maintaining the warriors honor, and allowing them to obtain scalps from their dead enemies.
This theme of violence over land can even be seen in pre Columbian northeastern North America. “Warfare in late prehistoric times was generated by competition for deer-hunting territory,” . Here there are similar actions to that of the Sauk people of Midwestern North America. Both peoples are trying to gain hunting territory to obtain meat and hides for their people. This sort of fighting was likely similar to common Native American fighting of killing off enemies when seen upon your grounds.
There are also examples of post-European contact land violence in Northeastern North America. Once the Europeans arrived, trading become an even more important ability for Native American groups. As Europeans brought firearms, greatly increa...

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...including women and children.
Black Hawk commonly points out the military culture within the Americans militia and divisions he fights against. Frequently he points out various military leaders who he feels great respect for, as they are able to wage violence in very deliberate and tactical ways. Black Hawk notes the general involved in the boat attack is very wise in ordering his men to fire upon the Native Americans when they rush upon them. Black Hawk says he would very much like to shake his hand, and show his respect to his adversary.
In conclusion, many differing problems culminated in bring about violence in pre-Columbian, and post-Columbian North America. Though Europeans brought many new weapons and cultures to the European continent, violence over Land disputes, revenge, and the clash of militaristic cultures made the New World a hotly contested area.

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