The Justification For The Subjugation Of Women Essay

The Justification For The Subjugation Of Women Essay

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The justification for the subjugation of woman has been a hotly debated subject throughout the ages and several ideals and theories have arisen because of it. One of the most common justifications is the story of Adam and Eve, however like most biblical stories as well as many other translated texts, the story of Adam and Eve is up to interpretation. Two exemplary authors who have thoroughly interpreted the story of Man’s great sin have presented their own respectable views on Eve’s actions and helped broaden the views on feminism. The authors Speght and Milton present arguments against Eve’s failure as a justification for the subjugation of women.
In Milton’s “Paradise Lost”, he doesn’t necessarily defend or blame Eve for the fall of mankind. Instead, he presents his own interpretation of the events that took place in the Garden of Eden so we can come to our own conclusion of what happened, why Adam and Eve did what they did and whether or not the subjugation of woman based on Eve’s fault is justified. Adam and Eve both received the same warning from god about a malicious foe that awaits them but Eve simply ignores those words of wisdom. “With thy permission then, and thus forewarned… The willinger I go, nor much expect A foe so proud will first the weaker sex seek; So bent, the more shall shame him his repulse” (pg. 2099). Eve completely disregards both Adam’s and God’s warning about Satan and ventures onward alone without fully understanding the danger that awaits. Additionally, when she comes face to face with this formidable foe she doesn’t realize the danger she is in! Satan disguised himself as a serpent, but still expressed himself with human sense by standing on his feet and speaking. “what may this mean? Language of ma...

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...s fault for eating the fruit. The most common interpretation of the story is that it is Eve’s fault for eating the fruit and she was the first to sin. This view is shared with Both John Milton and Rachel Speght. It’s clear in Milton’s “Paradise Lost” that Eve is at fault for eating the apple and in Speght’s “A Muzzle for Melastomus” she agrees with this view. However, in no way did Eve trick Adam into eating the fruit, (which is very clear in “Paradise Lost”) so she cannot be held accountable for Adam’s decision to eat the fruit. Additionally, Speght presented very strong arguments defending Eve and the most impressive of those is that Virgin Mary redeemed the status of woman as equal to men when she gave Birth to Jesus. Based on the arguments found in Milton’s and Speght respective interpretations, the subjugation of woman cannot be justified based on Eve’s failure.

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