The Just Of Xenophobic Views And Misinformed Policy Standings Essay

The Just Of Xenophobic Views And Misinformed Policy Standings Essay

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Born out of xenophobic views and misinformed policy standings, the distinct parallels between Donald Trump and Brexit are rather stunning. Perhaps a coincidence, both were the result of brash, blonde haired, and stubby men with a penchant for yelling. Yet, despite their respective calls for radical societal changes, both groups have managed to avoid political demise. Indeed, the sad truth is that both the Trump and Brexit campaigns remain completely alive, a magnificently confusing phenomenon to say the least.
Nearly a year ago, Donald Trump was an utter dark horse within a sea of Republican nominees; he was an unlikely contender, that every political pundit disdained acknowledging his astonishing influence. Since those days, Trump has uniquely positioned himself, building a campaign that only recently began to moderate from it’s message of hatred. This narrative, while a constant source of material for the media, is vital when trying to understand Trump’s campaign.
Stemming from his memorable call to ban Muslims from the U.S., brazen commentary on Megyn Kelly, and desire to leave NAFTA, Donald Trump has amassed support from a key bloc of voters — those who’re so angry, they’re willing to vote for anyone promising huge change. Statistically, this bloc is comprised mostly of older white voters, who feel as if our nation has long departed from a set of core values. Yet, it would be difficult to say that these voters truly understands the implications of placing a candidate like Donald Trump into presidency.
In that sense, the Trump campaign is extraordinarily similar to the Brexit movement. On February 20th of this year, Britain 's former prime minister, David Cameron, announced that a referendum regarding the country’s EU membe...

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...Trump has managed to erode the lead she has held for much of the race. While it’d be foolish to say the race is close, it’s rather impressive that the Trump campaign has been able to gain this much ground.
Although predicting the success of either movement is impossible, it’s a relatively significant accomplishment that they’ve both come this far. Brexit’s leave campaign began through demonizing the leaders of the EU, eventually pressing the importance of stemming Britain’s “immigration issues.” Across the Atlantic, Donald Trump amassed his support through a constant stream of media attention, ensuring he said something increasingly radical at each event. Indeed, despite their geographic separation, Brexit and Trump share the very same twisted roots as each other. Whether voters in the United States come to their sense this fall, that’s a completely different story.

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