Just a Number in The Stone Carvers and Three Day Road Essay

Just a Number in The Stone Carvers and Three Day Road Essay

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  The First World War was a major event in The Stone Carvers by Jane Urquhart and Three Day Road by Joseph Boyden. Both books differed while looing at the war because Stone Carvers was shown through the point of view of someone who was home during the war. But Three Day Road was shown more through the point of view in the war. While both books explore the First World War they both present that the war was not what it seemed to be. Soldiers went in thinking they where going to be a hero, but they are just a number, they did not realize that they may lose their life, for their country. Overall it was a big scheme to get people over to Europe, in a big mass.
  All the people in the war were just a number. People did not know how many people went into the war or didn't know who was actually in the war. In Three Day Road Elijah and Xavier just decided to go into war and they weren`t even know about. Of course Xavier was known about in the war but the amount of people in the war and to keep things organized they had to given them numbers but where they were disorganized is, that they don'...

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