Essay on The Juran Trilogy

Essay on The Juran Trilogy

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Delivering effective quality improvement leadership within a healthcare organization consists of providing the microcosm with a toolbox to maintain a level of excellence and value. As leaders in the healthcare community, there are certain quality improvement factors that demonstrate strategic leadership philosophies. Being a member of this microcosm, I have determined several dynamic attributes that promotes excellence.
One of these quality mechanisms is known as the “Juran Trilogy” consisting of Quality Planning, Quality Control and Quality Improvement (Ransom, Joshi, Nash, & Ransom, 2008). The Juran Trilogy is a universal model sighted for a methodology to cross-functional management, which eliminates chronic waste in a system (Lewis, 2006). Juran believe in fitness of use that meant all members of a team should be involved in the effort to make the organizations services into fit for use. The ever-increasing demand for quality has forced organizational leaders to invest in resources for implementing Total Quality Management (TQM) strategies (Jha & Joshi, 2007).
Quality planning is the act of defining strategic goals and determining the expected outcomes regarding quality improvement. When planning a process, there needs to be an assessment of the customers and stakeholders needs in order to develop a system that is reliable as well as meets those specified needs. This process can sometimes be overlooked because quality improvement leaders want to study the problems without taking the time to define them. However, the Associates in Process Improvement developed a two-part model of improvement in which the researchers must answer the questions before they can take any action. The first part asks the three following quest...

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...agement (TQM) or business Excellence Strategy Implementation for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)–A Conceptual Study. In Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Information Quality.
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